West End Real Estate Professionals Host Randall Lewis


Team Title Guy recently went to the highly informative West End Real Estate Professionals discussion with Randall Lewis, President of Lewis Group of Companies.   The talk was held to inform the group of market conditions and trends, insight for the real estate community, and projections for growth for 2015.  Mr. Lewis specifically stated that 2014 offered us a decent market, but placed a larger emphasis on the growth of apartment communities and growth trends he sees continuing into 2015.

Randall Lewis opened to the audience with his plans to continue to purchase land in 2015 and sees a new master-planned community developing called Park Place Ontario.  He is also looking at two new projects, Harvest Upland with 300 homes, and Harvest Chino with up around 600 homes.  The landscapes of each development will include edible plants, community gardens, and a major emphasis on happy and healthy living … quite a concept for a major home-building operation!

They see the future as redefining the living experience in Chino and the surrounding communities.  They will also reinvest into upgrading older apartment buildings in areas like Upland, Fontana, and Rancho Cucamonga, where they forecast an excellent market for at least the next 5 years.  They believe fellow home builders and master planners share a similar vision.

As foreign investors continue to trickle in and money is coming to these areas from outside sources, we will see the economy of the Inland Empire communities continue to grow, and we will likely see a large influx of jobs in multiple sectors.  The urbanization of many of these communities is also a key indicator of growth.

While these areas continue to grow, he expects to see partnerships with local schools to ensure strong community standards and potentially, alternative transportation projects.  The demand for single story living remains unfulfilled and he notes that builders are working to meet this need.  He notes that they are still collaborating with city and county task forces to accommodate more affordable housing for residents in and around the Inland Empire and San Bernardino areas!

Overall, Mr. Lewis states that signs point to a fantastic year ahead; rates are great, inventory is there, and buyers are simply still sitting at the sidelines.  The success of the West End Real Estate Professionals is a story of multiple successes, so it’s important to get the good news out to your clients to continue this upward trend of optimism and growth!

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