WEREP Legislative Day – Overview


We were very fortunate to have some of our peers head up to Sacramento and represent us to our elected officials at our state capital this month. At WEREP on May 9th, we were lucky to have Trina Gonzalez, Ron Bayless & Cindy Fergen led by Bill Ruh to share their experience with us at our weekly meeting! It was a great overview and reminder that we all can plug into our industry associations and fight for our clients interests and our economy as a whole.

Listed below are the bills that they reviewed with us, for a full overview, it can be seen on the CAR Website.

TTG loves being a part of our local boards and attending WEREP, because it keeps us up to date with what is hot on the street!



SB 1439 (Leno) /AB 2405 (Ammiano) – Ellis Act Restrictions- OPPOSE

C.A.R. is OPPOSING SB 1439 (Leno) which forces landlords to stay in business for at least 5 years, and AB 2405 (Ammiano) which would prevent landlords from ever going out of business. C.A.R. opposes these bills because they are an outrageous attack on private property rights and because they will discourage homeownership.

AB 2416 (Stone) – Wage Liens on Property – OPPOSE

C.A.R. is OPPOSING AB 2416 (Stone),a bill that creates a new super-lien for wage claim disputes. C.A.R. opposes AB 2416 because it threatens the availability of mortgage finance, denies due process to the owner of the property, and the unnecessarily clouds title.

AB 2039 (Muratsuchi) – Auction Company Liability – SPONSOR

C.A.R. is SPONSORING AB 2039 (Muratsuchi) to prevent real estate auction companies from shifting liability for their mistakes to sellers and listing agents when the lender sends a short sale properties to auction to validate their value.

SB 391 (DeSaulnier) – Recording Tax – OPPOSE

C.A.R. continues to OPPOSE SB 391, which will impose a 75$ tax on the recording of all non- sale documents including refinances. C.A.R. opposes SB 391 because it unfairly singles out one segment of society to pay for something that should be the responsibility of all Californians.

AB 2169 (Cooley) – Independent Contractor Status – Sponsor

C.A.R. is for SPONSORING AB 2169 (Cooley) to clarify existing law allowing brokers and real estate agents to decide for themselves whether an agent is an independent contractor or an employee. C.A.R. is sponsoring AB 2169 to clear up and ambiguity in the law and to ensure that brokers and agents are allowed to make this important business decision for themselves.

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