Understanding Probate


Whether or not you have created a will or trust, you will still have a plan which has been dictated by the laws of the state in which you reside. Making a will is not a way to avoid “probate,” the legal state which administers your estate after your death. Probate is necessary to validate your will, and appoint the executor named in your will and supervises the executor’s work.

Take a look at Ticor Title’s helpful facts flyer on the topic of probate, to assist executor and family.  It addresses frequently asked questions, such as: What does “Probate” actually mean? What is the difference between “Testate” and “Intestate?” What are the differences between an executor and an administrator? And answers to many other important questions.

Download Ticor Title’s ‘Understanding Probate’ Flyer here, or on your Ticor Sales Executive website.  For specific questions not covered, contact your Sales Executive directly!

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