New TRID Feature for TicorAgent 3.0!


If you are already a fan of our TicorAgent 3.0 mobile app, then you will be really pleased with the newest updates and features that Ticor is proud to offer. As we’re sure you know, TicorAgent 3.0 is the First Closing Disclosure app — and now TicorAgent 3.0 determines estimated Closing Disclosure delivery dates. The update is totally free. 

Under “Buyers” there is now an option called “CD Timelines” – it excludes Sundays and holidays and shows the earliest projected consummation dates via hand delivered and mailed.  There are now automatic pop up notifications for Saturday to verify if you want to have it delivered on a Saturday or change your start date.  Choose you clients desired closing time and it will calculate when to send the Closing Disclosure to reach desired date!

To learn more, contact your Ticor Title Sales Executive, or download the app for free via Google Play or iTunes!  

Download the PDF info sheet here.

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