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Title Insuranace Requirements for Insuring Living Trust

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In the world of busy probate courts and a desire for privacy, the living trust has become a common manner of holding title to real property. The following may help you understand a few of the requirements of the title insurance industry if title to property is conveyed to the trustee of a living trust.

What is Land Contract?


A land contract is an installment contract in which the seller finances the purchase. The seller maintains the deed until satisfaction. It is comparable to owner financing. The buyer gives the seller a down payment and the seller acts as a bank; financing the balance of the purchase or sale price. The interest rate is

Understanding Withholdings on Real Estate Sales


WHEN DID WITHHOLDING START FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS? The withholding law applies to dispositions of California real estate by both residents and non-residents which close on and after January 1, 2003. Previously, withholding was only required of non-resident sellers. Why was this withholding law enacted? As part of attempting to balance the state budget, this withholding

Quiet Title Law in California


The purpose of a quiet title action is to establish title against adverse claims to real property or any interest in the property. [Code Civ. Proc. ยง760.020] The remedy of quiet title can be combined with other causes of action or other remedies. In an action or proceeding in which establishing or quieting title to

Senator Morrell’s Patriots of the Past, Present, & Future Ceremony Dinner


I am beyond excited to be selected by the Senator to MC this event tonight.. Last year was an incredible event and I was selected as a recipient of one of the awards and this year I am honored to help run the event! I am beyond blessed and grateful for the opportunity! I love

Ticor Title Calendar of Events – April 2016


Ticor Title is happy to release our April 2016 Calendar of Events. Every month, we take the time to put together a list of local events taking place all over the Inland Empire and desert cities areas. We hope you will find the calendar useful, and will be able to take advantage of some of

The Role of the Title Company in Real Estate Transactions


Purchasing a home is probably the biggest single investment you are going to make in your lifetime. The importance of protecting your purchase cannot be overstated! With endless possibilities of things that may potentially go wrong during a real estate transaction, title insurance is crucial to ensure that the security of your new property is