What to Look For In A Title Company


By now, you know the importance of title insurance.  At Ticor, we know you have options when it comes to choosing a title company, but there are a three crucial aspects to look for when finding the right one.

Experience, Reputation and Reliability.

When you entrust your business to Ticor Title, you can rest assured that we hit all three of these marks. Having been a title industry leader for years and a company that values the importance of person to person interaction, you can be certain that your transactions are going to be handled with the closest attention to detail.

Ticor has built a reputation in the Southern California marketplace as a company that continues to over deliver to our clients while maintaining the highest industry standards.  We believe in the power of education for our clients, so that they can be certain that their transactions are in the hands of knowledgeable professionals.

Whether commercial or residential, when you entrust your business to Ticor Title, you are working with years of experience and the hardest working team in town.

Watch our latest video short to learn more about the benefits of choosing Ticor Title, a company that can assure you experience, reputation and reliability.


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