Ticor Proudly Presents TicorAgent 3.0!


Ticor Title proudly presents the release of TicorAgent 3.0!  With an updated user interface, TicorAgent 3.0 brings you the same great features with a modern sleek design.  Our new features include a quicker way to access more information using our unique Link button, a more dynamic comparison of loan types, video tutorials, and more!

SLIDE:  The Slide feature allows you to compare loans rates, terms lengths, and more within seconds.  There’s no need to run additional estimates, just Slide from the results screen to compare.

LINK*: Link allows you to utilize all of the features in TicorAgent 3.0 with one click of the Link button.  It is placed in several locations throughout the application and will link you to additional collective data.

PLAY: Play lets you watch short videos on every screen, taking the ‘built-in’ manual to the next level.

SHAKE*: With Shake, you can create personalized and professional flyers for your clients and send them immediately to your social media feeds!

*With the exclusive features Link and Shake, the latest version of this application will help you provide your clients faster access to critical information!


And of course, the same great features are still included in the latest update:

Ticor Title Company Closing Fees: Title & Escrow fees along with ancillary settlement fees are automatically populated to calculate your estimated closing cost for both sellers and buyers.


For more information about TicorAgent 3.0 contact your Ticor Title Sales Executive!

Download the PDF Flyer explaining all of the new features in TIcorAgent 3.0 here!

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