Test Your Title and Escrow Acronyms – How Do You Measure Up?

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Do you know what a QC is?  What about a TD?  Do you know who your Ticor Title Company TO is?  When was the last time you checked your MMA?  Do you know what your LTV is on your home mortgage?  Wouldn’t it be nice to own a property F/C?

If you’re not sure about the answers to these questions, check out Ticor Title Company’s list of title and escrow acronyms and figure out the answers for yourself!  At Ticor, we look forward to answering questions about your clients GD or TD and are pleased to be of service at your next COE!

For a downloadable list of title and escrow acronyms, see Ticor Title’s full list here!

(*Hint: QC = Quitclaim Deed, TD = Trust Deed, TO = Title Officer, MMA = Money Market Account, LTV = Loan to Value, F/C = Free and Clear, GD = Grant Deed, COE = Close of Escrow)

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