Senator Mike Morrell Featured Speaker at WEREP Meeting!


Last week Senator Mike Morrell gave a talk at the West End Real Estate Professionals meeting.  Morrell is recognized as Legislator of the Year by the Young Republicans, and has started many organizations and programs, including: Patriots of the Past, Present and Future, Ark of Safety, Women of Distinction, Small Business Growth, and an Internship Program for Students.

The Senators goal through Patriots of the Past, Present and Future program is to bring awareness to the next generation about the legacy of America, and instilling patriotism into the hearts and minds of the younger generation.  It also aims to remind our communities that the opportunities are simply amazing in our county.

Ark of Safety helps churches prepare for a disaster in which government is unable to respond within the first 72 hours of a major emergency.  It is the legislator’s duty to protect the public during emergencies.

The senators other programs are all aimed at helping our local communities and country as a whole remain a truly great place to live.  There were a number of other topics the Morrell discussed, including Senate Bill 418 which ensures active duty CSU students 5 years to return to their degree when coming back from active duty, and Senate Bill 2 which protects property tax exemptions for Veterans to help keep them financially stable.

He also discussed Senate Joint Resolution 17, calling on Congress to pass “Kate’s Law,” gave an update on the Capital and the talked about Senate Constitutional Amendments.

For more information on Senator Mike Morrell’s fascinating discussion at WEREP, contact Ryan or Rhonda of Team Title guy!



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