Requirements for Insuring Trusts


In today’s world of busy probate courts and exorbitant death taxes, the living trust has become a common manner of holding title to real property.  As a leader in information technologies, Ticor is proud to offer our clients and associates valuable resources and tools to help bring better understanding to the intricacies of the industry.

Ticor’s informational flyer on the requirements for insuring trusts will offer you a basic overview of the topic.  It covers many frequently asked questions including: What is a trust?  Can the trustee give someone power of attorney?  Who can be a trustee? How does a notary acknowledge the signature of the trustee? Are there limitation on what a trustee may do?  Among many other questions.

For the full downloadable PDF on Requirements Insuring Trusts, click here.

For further questions on the topic, or to inquire about our title and escrow services, please contact your Ticor Title Sales Executive, or our Premier Customer Service Team!

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