REALTOR Safety Tips for Your Open House

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Ticor Title would like to share these helpful tips provided by The Irvine Police Department:

With the recent alarming activities taking place at Realtor open houses across the county, the Irvine PD recently hosted a very informative seminar regarding Realtor safety, offering excellent tips to keep yourself safe during an open house.  This information should be shared with all Realtors in order to keep them safe, and protect their clients during an open house.

Here is what the Irvine Police Department suggests before, during and after an open house:


Make sure to remove all valuables from the house.  Simply placing the valuables in a drawer or cabinet will unlikely cause a motivated thief from taking them.

Remove items that could make a home a potential target, like pictures or documents that reveal identity, lifestyle or personal wealth of the individual.

Secure spare keys and garage door openers, as this could be stolen and used at a later date with unlimited access to the home.


Provide extra security for open house day.  If you know you are going to be busy, hire a staff to watch over important areas of the house, keep track of arrivals and departures on the site.  Even the most unlikely of visitors could be a potential threat.


Ensure that all windows are closed, all doors are locked, and the house is generally secure.  A thief may enter a home, unlock a door with plans to re-enter the premises at a later time.


For more information contact your local Police Department.

Thank you to the Irvine Police Department for providing helpful information included in this article.

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