The REAL Walking Farm App! Available Through Ticor Elite


Ticor Elite is a revolutionary new app that lets you pull walking farms on the go!  Along with real time stats, this powerful tool shows the count and farm turnover.  Ticor Elite combines both our walking farm and profile app all-in-one, allowing you to maximize your productivity on the go!


  • Easiest and Most Functional Walking Farm
  • Draw boundaries of your farm
  • Categorize and Tag your properties in List View and Map View
  • One-click Property Detail View
  • Ability to add notes
  • Update Lead Status to help you remember which properties you have visited and which need a follow up
  • Export your list to any marketing program

BE PRODUCTIVE ON THE GO! Contact your Ticor Title Sales Executive to learn more and check out our latest flyer here on Ticor Elite for more detailed information!


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