Randall Lewis Speaks at West End Real Estate Professionals


346 people came out to see Randall Lewis at Central Park in Rancho Cucamonga at a standing room only event. Randal did not disappoint! He was spot on, informative, real! He entered the peoples questions throughout the meeting with meaningful impact answers. We at the West End real estate professionals, are very fortunate to have Randal come out year after year for us in good times and in bad. It’s great to have someone of his stature or take the time out of his day to educate us as to where he and his company are spending their money and what opportunities the future holds for our local area.

Randall Lewis oversees the sales and marketing operations of the Company. Randall received his B.A. from Claremont McKenna College. He is regarded as an industry leader in promoting the arts, education, healthy living and sustainable development initiatives. He has been President of the Inland Empire Arts Foundation, Secretary of the Los Angeles County Citizens Planning Council, director of the HomeBuilder’s Council, and national director of the National Association of HomeBuilders. Randall was named in the Los Angeles Times 2006 “West 100” list as one of the top 100 influential people in southern California. He has also received the California Business Properties Association Champion of the Industry Award and has been inducted into the California Building Industry Association Hall of Fame. Randall is a long time ULI member as well as a Governor of the ULI Foundation. Randall serves on several executive boards, including the USC School of Policy, Planning and Development, the UCLA School of Public Policy, Loma Linda University Medical Center’s Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Institute Advisory Council, Cal Poly Pomona’s National Development Council, and co-chairs the San Bernardino County Alliance for Education. He is recognized as an expert in the real estate industry and is frequently quoted in various newspapers, magazines and trade journals. Randall has over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry.

      • Housing numbers in the area are strong. Values have rebounded.
      • Consumer confidence is going strong.
Lewis doing more commercial centers expecting a strong year if not best yet.
  • RC
KEY PART Lewis business
  • Land sales/ Good Market
  • Projects in RC/upland and Chino
Harvest Project
  • Sustainable living, community garden
    • Next ones in upland/ chino
Rialto Airport Project
  • Industrial Users bringing 100’s if not thousands of jobs..
Empire Lakes Project
  • Going through entitlements
  • Access to rails/Training
  • Truly excited about the mixed use projects..
    • Work/live/play
Ontario Airport
  • Driving growth
  • New airport director, showing signs of significant positive change
Interest Rates by his opinion may rise slightly, but will stay low, expecting oil to stay low.
Lewis family expecting to invest a significant amount of money in the area in the coming years. POSITIVE!
Growth sector – Health care industry, baby boomers.. Markets will cater to this segment..
What about the Stock Market?
  • Impacts
    • Uncertain
    • Keep eye on, but don’t dwell
El Niño… Impacts… Our industry changes peoples habits..  My temporarily slow buyer activity..
Working in California presents many challenges
  • Anti-Business government practices
  • Cost of doing business
  • Legislation needs to change
  • Job creators moving out of state to age money
  • Other states actively recruiting businesses to move out!
    • Need to retain job producers
  • Get involved, speak out at public forums, moral responsibility
PS. We did video the event and will have it available to watch within a couple weeks…
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