Problems With Uninsured Deeds


An uninsured deed is a deed that has not been examined or insured by a title company.  The most common problems from Uninsured Deeds come from Quitclaim deeds between family members, and especially husband and wife.  When a person is added to title, it is a window of opportunity for matters against him or her to attach to the property – making the role of the title company critical.

For realtors, Uninsured Deeds can become a concern when taking a listing for various reasons, including a possible bankruptcy, a divorce situation, or perhaps the deed was signed in distress.  These are only a few of the reasons that becoming involved with a listing with an uninsured deed can bring about real problems.

There are ways to spot an uninsured deed when you order a profile from Ticor Title.  Our Premier Customer Service Team and highly knowledgeable Sales Executives are here to help you through the process and offer insight into the property, deeds, and other potential issues before it’s too late!

Contact your Ticor Title Sales Executive and download Ticor’s informational PDF here to learn more about problems with Uninsured Deeds!

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