WEREP – State of the Inland Empire 2016

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Randall Lewis gave an incredible speech earlier this year for us at one of our WEREP meetings and we have the entire speech available for you to listen to here in the clip below. If you want to gain some valuable insight from an industry expert, it is certainly worth the time! Thanks again for

What is Title Insurance? Simplest Way to Understand!

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Ryan J Orr of TeamTitleGuy.com explains title insurance from a simple stand point! How does it work? Can you Define Title Insurance in without using the word TITLE? In 60 seconds Here is how you can explain it to your clients when they ask. We offer a list of Training Classes and we would always

Faster than ever before! Closing Protection Letters from Ticor Title


Requesting a Closing Protection Letter (CPL) from Ticor Title is faster than ever before, thanks to our new CPL web form. With some basic Transaction information in hand, you can submit the request form online, and receive your CPL in seconds. Submitting your CPL request online ensures both accuracy and speed. You can access your

The Real Estate Ins & Outs of Probate – Special March Training!


Join Team Title Guy on Wednesday, March 16th, at 10am for a special training on ‘The Ins and Outs of Probate’. We are happy to announce that we will be hosting one of our favorite guest speakers from Gaudy Law to take you through this important topic and offer YOU the information you need to

Webinar: Pulling Turnover Ratios/ Walking Farms


Knowing your numbers in real estate is like knowing your product in Retail Sales. Learn how to leverage simple tech to help you grow your business! Ever wonder how to quickly count the number of homes in an area, or find the % of homes that are “Turning Over?” JOIN US, and find out how!

Another Look at Real Estate Investments – Economic Focus


It has been five years since GMC filed for Chapter 11 reorganization (bankruptcy) in 2009. The U.S. government stepped in to the tune of a $49.5B float. In the final analysis it cost U.S. taxpayers $11.2B, that’s us. From that date through May of 2014 GMC made over $22.6B and they just posted their biggest

Ticor Title February 2016 Calendar of Events!


Can you believe we’ve already made it to February?? We hope you had an excellent and productive start to the new year, 2016! Use Ticor’s Calendar of Events for February 2016 to find local events taking place all over Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and The Desert Cities this month. If you’d like any more