Operation Community Cares in Action!


It is so rewarding to give back and to truly see the community come together for a cause! We find that with OCC, it unites our military families with civilian families, and helps us as a community know that we can do something to say thank you, and appreciate those who are serving overseas! Once again we were overwhelmed with volunteer support, and it was INCREDIBLE! Our pack days show that Patriotism is NOT dead, and that people love our country!

The USA is great, and amazing people live here!  I am so glad to be a part of this organization!  We (over 400 volunteers) packed 886 boxes and at a shipping cost of around $14,000 shipped these goods off to locations around the globe!

Here is a little more about OCC, and how to become involved:

Operation Community Cares is an organization that proactively supports the health and welfare of our American Servicemen and Women across the globe.

Far too often, the commitment of our service people is forgotten and OCC specialized in programs that help service people to communicate and connect with family, friends and loved ones through the unique web-based environment.

We have various programs that aim to support the troops’ personal needs. From an online message center, to a photo album, to a place to donate various items to and for our troops.

Best of all, OCC carries its commitment to service people that are at home as well. For some, returning home can be a very trying and stressful experience. We want to see our troops get the very best and we are committed to this very idea.

Make a Difference

You can make a difference by contacting OCC with the following information

  • Provide a soldier’s name and military address
  • Co-ordinate and OCC Program
  • Seek speaking engagements for OCC
  • Donate Time / Goods / Funds

It really doesn’t take much to make a difference. Please contact us and we’ll work together to provide the support that our troops need!

Thank you from Team Title Guy!

































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