LENDERS: What you need to know before August 2015!


As you know, starting August 1, 2015 the CFPB will be implementing a couple of new and very important changes that will affect your real estate transactions.  Ticor encourages you to take a look at our informational flyer regarding 5 important changes for lenders, including:

  • Who will prepare the new Closing Disclosure?
  • Who will deliver the Closing Disclosure?
  • How will settlement agents and lenders communicate data?
  • Who will make changes to the Closing Disclosure?
  • How will settlement agents communicate title and settlement fees?

Our entire informational flyer on the CFPB changes can be downloaded here!

For specific questions not covered and to discuss the CFPB changes, contact your Ticor Title Sales Executive!  Our knowledgeable Sales Execs are here to help and make this transition as smooth as possible for your business.

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