Legal Issues Facing Escrow

Team Title Guy continues to support the Tri County Escrow Association [CEA].
Jennifer Felton spoke in regards the latest legal issues facing the escrow industry, and how to best navigate through them. Jennifer Felton is an attorney at Hershorin & Henry, LLP. She has a background in escrow, which makes her a great ally in the field. At the latest CEA meeting she touched upon the following topics:
1). Unauthorized Practices of Law
2). For Sale By Owner Transactions
3). Accommodation Agreements
4). Violations of Lender’s Agreements
5). Real Estate Commissions
6). Resignation of Escrow Transactions
7). Illegal Contracts
8). Interpleaders
For a full copy of her presentation documents, please click here.
For more information on the Legal Aspects of Escrow, click here.
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