The Latest Updates on Victoria Gardens!


Today, WEREP featured Guest Speaker Christine Pham, General Manager for Victoria Gardens to discuss the future direction and growth of Victoria Gardens over the next several years.  Victoria Gardens has been serving the community since it opened in 2004, and this year they have recently begun multiple phases of renovations which will include: new vitality and palette color changes, reinventing the elements through active street scape, and what they refer to as the Golden State Oasis which

Christine-Pham-200x300 is more or less a courtyard with charging stations, eateries, a new gateway, and an environment in which to engage with friends.

As Victoria Gardens reinvents itself, it will begin to target Millennials, ages 18 to 24 with a newer element of urban feel.  And, in keeping with the challenges California currently faces, the landscaping will be replaced with drought tolerant local succulents.  They will add new sculptures as a photogenic element and inspirational words written in the pavers.  All quite exciting!

The current vacancy rate at Victoria Gardens is a very low 4%, showing how vibrant of a center it has become over the years.  For all of our shopping fanatics, there is no update at this time in regards to the addition of adding a Nordstrom, however talks continue!

For more information and updates on the status of Victoria Gardens, contact Rhonda or Ryan of Team Title Guy.  They’d be happy to answer any of your questions!

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