Industry Wire Fraud Alert!


There is a growing trend of wire fraud achieved through email hacking and impersonation of parties in real estate transactions, with the aim of misdirecting funds of a home purchase to the account of a third party. Though this is a growing concern in our industry, there are ways to avoid fraud!

The best defense is knowledge, and that’s exactly why we have included this informational flyer here that describes how you can take precautionary measures against wire fraud.  There are some simple steps to take, and some red flags that you should be aware of in order to avoid becoming a victim!

For more detailed information on some of the “Red Flags” of Wire Fraud, please see Ticor’s downloadable PDF included here.  To speak with us about this topic, contact your Ticor Title Sales Executive or our Premier Customer Service Team!  We are here to help answer your questions!


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