Importance of Preliminary Reports & Avoiding Pitfalls


Yesterday was a tremendous day! Starting off the new year, 2016, with a focus renewed passion of education and training. We launched our series with the Importance of Preliminary Title Reports, how to avoid the pitfalls in the real estate transaction today.

It was a social experiment, leveraging different medias to get the message out with the goal of 35 people. In total we had 47 people in attendance with five of them being Ticor employees. We had our title units represented by Sandy Staley and Greg Gullotta, Lori McGurn from Customer Service came out; it was an incredible day for our team to connect with our most important asset, our clients.

In our discussion we briefly went over the basics, established a foundation for how our product works, set some expectations. We showed our people how to better navigate through their transactions. It is said that knowledge is power, and I believe it is, however I believe even more than that, I BELIEVE ITS PRICELESS.

We ran through CURRENT common challenges and how we are working through them. Some examples are POA’s, HELOC’s, the difference between Ch 7 & 13 BK’s, importance of SI’s, payoff periods, unsecured tax liens, and so much more! The interaction and audience participation was incredible. My team and I were so honored at the feedback.

How valuable is potentially saving your client thousands of dollars? How valuable is saving yourself countless headaches? How valuable is having the answer or the ideas how to solve a challenge before it becomes an issue?

This is where I believe the education piece comes in. In a day and age where technology is king, we are connected yet disconnected as we’ve ever been. It is an age where people want you to discount your commissions. Professionalism is not just a word on a business card or a flyer, it’s part of our reputation, built on trust, knowledge, and follow through. It’s built on investing in your self and your industry. It’s about being a leader in all that you do! Show that you are a professional by being informed. Agents that invest in themselves and their industry are worth their weight in gold!

The key to success in any industry does not rely solely in your own knowledge, it is also about being resourceful. My opinion is that you should build yourself a dream team! Surround yourself with people that challenge you to be better than you are today! If the people you work with are not making you better, hoping to hold you accountable, knowing what your passions and drive are, then you may need to reevaluate your business partners.

Our commitment to education success with carry-on each and every month. Our next training class is February 16 and the topic is the tax implications in real estate. We will be speaking from a title perspective, as well as we have an expert guest speaker. His name is Anthony Vienna and he is been practicing tax law for the last 30 years. He is a wealth of knowledge and you will not want to miss it. Please be sure to RSVP on our Team Title Guy Facebook event page.

We at Team Title Guy/ Ticor want to say thank you for support and for those who showed up yesterday! We appreciate your trying tremendously and are so excited about the educational opportunities that are coming. There’s a topic that you would like to see please be sure to reach out and let us know. We will make that happen!




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