Grab Your Ticor TRID Wheel Before They’re Gone!

TRID Wheel 1

Have you gotten your TRID Wheel yet??  Ticor title is pleased to share our 2015-2016 TRID Wheel, which instantly determines your earliest consummation date!  Good from October 3, 2015 thru October 31st of next year!  Our handy wheel takes up no space in your desk, and provides general information for real estate pros to determine when transactions involving an applicable loan may be consummated.

The CFPB Rule that determines the time periods for consummation used in this tool also provides circumstances under which these time periods may be shortened or extended.  Each transaction is different and the final authority and responsibility for determining the actual consummation date resides with the lender.

To claim your TRID Wheel, give a shout to your favorite Ticor Title Sales Executive … we’d be happy to share our tools and knowledge with you!  Limited quantities are available.

TRID wheel

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