Forgery in the Title Insurance Industry


Title Insurance acts to protect you during one of the biggest purchases you will ever make: an investment in real property.  Without title insurance, a transfer in real property becomes a risky proposition.  Title insurance protects the buyer from an extensive list of potential problems, including fraud, forgery, liens against property and so many other risks.

Forgery is becoming a more common problem when it comes to deeds, security agreements, and other documents involved in real estate transfers.  For example, a deed may be forged by someone in order to transfer legal ownership of the property without the knowledge of the true owner.  Or, a forged lender’s security agreement could be falsely satisfied, thereby allowing another loan to be fraudulently obtained.

Believe it or not, these issues happen more often that you might think and the amount of forgery occurring in the market is easily cause for alarm if you or someone you know is about to engage in a real estate transaction.  This is why Ticor Title is proud to have increased protective measures, such as a highly-selective list of approved notaries, and increased incentives for employees who detect fraud and forgeries.

Ticor Title Company is a proud leader in the title insurance industry offering the most comprehensive protection to buyers and sellers alike from fraudulent claims and forgery.  For more information regarding forgery, we’ve supplied this list, available to download here in PDF. At Ticor Title, we look forward to protecting you from fraud and confidently serving all of your title and escrow needs!


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