Closing Costs, and Who Pays What?


Whether you are buying a home or selling your existing property, there will inevitably be fees and costs associated with the transaction of real estate.  Ticor Title is happy to share with our clients and associates a breakdown of Closing Costs.  Exactly who pays what, to whom and for what purpose?  Remember these are just general guidelines and your transactions may vary.

The transfer of title on real property can be a complex issue, and it is our goal at Ticor Title to ensure that each transaction we process is as precisely and completely defined as possible.  We have included our PDF Flyer,‘Closing Costs, Who Pays What?’ for you to review.

We’ve included typical closing costs, including Attorney Fees, Escrow Fees, Notary and Recording Fee, Property Taxes, Owner’s Title Insurance Premium as well as Lender’s Title Insurance Premium.  Typical costs to be covered by the Buyer and costs to be covered by the Seller are also laid out on this information flyer!

While this is a just a brief overview of Closing Costs typically associated with the transaction of Real Property, a more detailed and precise description can be discussed with your Ticor Title Sales Executive!  Contact your Ticor Sales Executive or our Premier Customer Service Team to learn more about closing costs.

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