Why Choose Ticor Title’s Homeowners Policy of Title Insurance?


Ticor Title knows that homeowners depend upon the strength and reliability of a reputable title insurer to back their policies for as long as they own their home.  That’s why we are proud of our long standing history of providing homeowners with the most innovative title and escrow products on the market.  Our clients enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they are insured by one of the industry’s premier title insurers!

Ticor also understands the importance of providing the very best for our Realtor clients, as we depend upon the confidence of the Realtor for their continued recommendations!  We are proud to say that we consistently increase the clients satisfaction by providing the best service possible, protecting their clients ability to resell their home in the future – free from potentially damaging title problems, and help to reduce the Realtor’s exposure in a transaction regarding regulatory matters.

To learn more about the benefits of our Ticor’s Homeowners Policy, including topics such as false impersonation, forged deeds, undisclosed or missing heirs, deeds by persons supposedly single but in fact married, and fraud, please contact your Ticor Title Sales Executive or our Premier Customer Service Team!

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