What is CFPB? – Answers to FAQs


By now, you are likely aware of the changes that will take place August 2015 from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that will affect your real estate transactions and closings.  Ticor Title wants to empower our clients with information on the changes, and that is why we have been sharing valuable information over the course of the past few weeks regarding specific changes for Escrows, Real Estate Agents and Lenders.  This information can be found on your Ticor Title Sales Executive’s blog.

In keeping you informed, we would also like to share with you this general information video clip explaining exactly what CFPB is, and how it will affect real estate transactions starting this year.

Have a look at our video from the Fidelity Family of Companies, and contact your Ticor Title Sales Executive for more information and specific questions.

Click here for video.

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