21 Reasons You Need Title Insurance


We hope that you never have to file a title claim!  But, with home ownership comes the need to protect the property against the past, as well as the future.  Title insurance protects the policyholder against challenges to rightful ownership and any challenges that arise from circumstances of past ownership!

Whether it’s a fire that leaves a house and its improvements completely gone, or the deed or mortgage claim in the chain of title that may be a forgery or be signed by someone who is under age; perhaps it’s a title transferred by an heir who may be subject to a federal estate tax lien or you simply want to eliminate delays and technicalities when passing your title on to someone else – there are many reasons you need title insurance.  Given that over the past 24 years claims have risen dramatically, you might do yourself the favor of educating yourself on why title insurance is a necessity!

Here are Ticor Title Company’s 21 Reasons You Need Title Insurance!

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