2014 Legal Updates w/ C.A.R. Legal Council

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Team Title Guy [TTG] was in attendance at the CVAR Legal Update with C.A.R. Assistant General Council, Gov Hutchinson, as he shared the new laws taking affect in 2014. At TTG we feel that remaining connected to changing regulations is pertinent to a successful real estate transaction, of which title and escrow services are directly related. Gov shared the following link to access a full list of the legal changes:  http://www.car.org/legal/
We [TTG] recorded pieces of Gov’s presentation for your convenience. The large takeaway from the event was that there are 800 new laws taking affect in 2014, and 143 of those directly impact real estate, and all affiliate services.

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Below are the links to videos from the event for those of you who missed out!

1). http://youtu.be/ZsRFsD8-9P4

2). http://youtu.be/3PI95MZBZD8

3). http://youtu.be/Rfoin2pE_QE

4). http://youtu.be/tzMist-JoFc

5). http://youtu.be/NpLJg4Cieww

6). http://youtu.be/uypRZUmXv-k

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